Random thoughts for December 2012

I started a blog 3 years ago thinking that perhaps it would be a lot of fun. It truly was, but life gets busy and then you forget to type. So here I am almost 3 years later, and I am going to try again. I have been considering it all year long. In particular, I have been wondering if I openly discussed GOD in a blog, would it would force me to read my Bible more? Would it help me separate fact from fiction? And overall, would it strengthen my faith? Of course, I want to post a bunch of silly stuff too, but the deeper thoughts have been LOUD this year.

So what did it take to finally make me type? Some crazy mf -er going into a school and killing a bunch of people, mostly children. If you have not lost a child, you will never understand the devastation that just happened to those families. Their lives will never be the same, and they will never feel whole again. They have been given a life sentence. They will walk down the aisle of the supermarket and see their child’s favorite cereal and begin openly sobbing, and then feel some level of embarrassment that they could not control their emotions in public. They will never be able to predict what tiny thing, comment, thought, memory… will set them off.  They will never ever recover; they will just learn to walk again.

And that leads me back to my original intent in considering this blog again; to rediscover my faith in God. Because some of the families in Newtown will be blessed enough that their faith will help them to walk through this. Some will not. I fall into the latter category. I hated God a lot when I lost Macy. I still do some days, especially as I sit and wrap presents and wonder what her life would have been like 12 years later.  Would I be buying her a pony this year?  Would her laugh sound like mine?  Would her eyes light up when I walked in the room?

I wish I had the sort of faith that lifts you up and gets you through the tough times, but I don’t. Does that make me a bad Christian?  Or just a normal mother?  I must do one favor for those in Newtown or any family who has lost a child.  Don’t ever say to them “They are in a better place” or “God needed them more than you did.” I call bullshit on that. And I thank God for my pastor who told folks at Macy’s funeral that they were never allowed to tell me why they thought this had happened. If he didn’t know, then neither did they. YAY for Ray.

So what will 2013 bring? Stay tuned. I am about to find out myself.


The sweetest couple

For those with the “awwwwwwwwww” factor… this is for you.  Sweetest thing I have seen in awhile.  And for those of you who are mean as snakes…. don’t send me the newsclip a few weeks from now where “Oops the elephant smooshed the dog.”


I watched the inauguration with joy, amazement, and tears yesterday.  What a wonderful day for our country.  I know all of us are beyond ready for the promised change. 

As I was watching, the thought occurred that “This is a moment I will never forget. ”  After taking time to reflect on that, I thought “What other moments have I experienced that have stuck with me through the years?”    The sad part is that most of them tend to be negative.   Why is it that our brains can’t cling as tightly to the good stuff?                  

So, Memories (social/political only, no personal ones shared here)…  I vaguely remember watching the moon landing in 1969.  I remember Watergate, even though I didn’t understand it.  I remember Jim Jones.  I remember Princess Diana’s wedding (yes I got up at 4am) and I remember the day she died.  I remember Clinton/Lewinsky.  I remember the Challenger disaster.   I remember Columbine and Virginia Tech.    I remember Oklahoma City and I remember 9/11.   And I will undoubtedly remember the economy crashing down around us. 

So I guess I owe President Barack Obama a huge Thank You.  How nice to have an overwhelmingly positive memory to tuck in with all that junk.  I am looking forward to the next 4 years.

More about chocolate

I received these as another late arriving Christmas gift last night.  I don’t know if the crack is in the dark chocolate, the peppermint sprinkles, or the stuffing inside, but it is in there somewhere.  They are To Die For.  And only 150 calories PER cookie.  Holy Molies.  Can I hope that they are only sold during the Christmas season? 

Crack Cookies


What is it about eating a bit of chocolate that makes women feel so much better? Maybe this phenomenon happens to men too, but I only hear about it from my girlfriends. I was feeling downright bleh today; not sure of the root cause.  I went to the Post Office and my truck accidentally veered off the road and into the convenience store on the way home. 12 delicious squares of Hershey’s chocolate later, and I was a new woman.

from everystockphoto.com


According to wikipedia, “Cocoa should not be confused with the coca plant which can be used to create cocaine.”   But let’s get real; there must be some correlation.

Women and Football

So, it’s that time again.  Football season.  Or more appropriately, Super Bowl/Playoffs season.  Most women I know don’t really care for football, but I have to say, I actually enjoy watching it occasionally.  I am not obsessed; I do not need to watch it weekly, but I enjoy a good game.   I don’t even mind watching it in person as long as it’s not cold.  I really hate cold.

The part I don’t get is how you decide who to pull for in the playoffs.  I grew up in Northern Indiana, so my team has been; always will be… Da Bears.  Of course, since 1986, there hasn’t been a ton to cheer about.  Who could ever compete  with McMahon, Singletary, the Fridge, and the incomparable Walter Peyton?

And let’s not forget the Super Bowl Shuffle…

So now, it’s 2009, and I am not even sure who is in it anymore.  However, this is how I choose my teams these days.  1) Bears are out, so who cares?  2) Miami Dolphins have a cute logo and my best friend’s husband adores the team, so let’s pull for them!  Oh, except they lost last week.  3) I live in North Carolina; GO PANTHERS!  Oh wait, they got slaughtered last night. 

As always, Super Bowl Sunday will arrive; I will randomly pick a team (usually the underdog just to be fair), and sit and watch primarily for the commercials.   Any better suggestions?